Visiting Companion

In a world full of endless responsibilities, you find yourself longing for a pause – a moment of transcendental pleasure and human connection.

Perhaps you’re searching for soothing and attentiveness, or someone to share with about the tumultuous nature of this life we’re living. Or maybe you’re hoping to carefully sculpt the sensual scenario of your dreams – one where you will feel both completely comfortable and also hanging at the edge of your seat dripping with excitement. It is one of my greatest pleasures in life: helping lovers realize their most deeply yearned for fantasies. No matter the genre of your deepest desires, whether it’s to be sensually dominated or to explore the magic of group play dynamics, you can trust that I will be endlessly honoured to go there with you. To make a space for you. To guide you. I’m confident we’ll be able to create an environment together which is the perfect balance of playful and decadently intimate.

Curious to know more? I’m based in Montreal but visit Ottawa frequently and am thrilled about the idea of upkeeping relationships with lovers in your city. I stand at 5’8″ with legs a mile long. My curves are delicious and Venus-like, waiting to be worshipped. I’m brunette, with tattoos softly dancing across my landscape telling stories. I inhabit my body with an¬†inexplicable ease. I’m intellectual and ravenously curious. I have soft features, strong hands and hypnotizing hazel eyes. If you’re ready to make the next move, you know what to do.
Contact by email [email protected] or text 8073564743