For Clients

No. Ottawa Independent Companions is a not-for-profit collective of independent Sex Workers. OIC does not manage or facilitate the communications, booking, screening or administrative services of its members. Each member sets their rates, services, policies and business practices as they see fit. The collective is run entirely by volunteers who assist in new member intake, sharing of safety resources & industry knowledge, OIC website maintenance and other tasks. Our members are only required to abide by the membership criteria & Statement of Values that guide our collective in professionalism, ethics and non-discriminatory practices.

OIC does not offer memberships to Clients. There is no membership or interaction required between Clients and the OIC to book or communicate with any of the providers advertised on OIC.

To communicate or book a date with any of our members, visit their member profile and follow any links to their website, social media, email or phone number.

Some members may have a preferred method of contact. For an easier time connecting with the provider, please read each profile or visit their website for more information on how to connect!

Each member has their own requirements for screening.

Please remember that one provider’s screening requirements may differ from another’s. For more information on these requirements, please review your chosen provider’s website or contact them directly for more details.

For Companions

In the context of Sex Work, a Collective is typically comprised of independent sex workers who align on specific values & business practices. A collective is a group of individuals looking to share resources that benefit its community. Specific to OIC, these resources may be, but are not limited to, health & safety resources, bad date lists, industry knowledge, networking, community support & socializing, marketing advice and more!

As opposed to an Agency, collectives do not dictate the way an individual chooses to operate their business. Collectives do not set requirements for an individual provider’s rates, services, working hours, volume of work, screening requirements or branding.

Typically, a Collective only requires its members to strive to uphold the values shared by its other members while also contributing to the ongoing support & enhancement of their community.

All Independent Sex Workers based in the Ottawa area are welcome to apply. Please see our About OIC page to review our membership criteria and details on how to apply.

All Independent Sex Workers who frequently tour the Ottawa area or have ties to the OIC community are welcome to apply. Please see our About OIC page to review our membership criteria and details on how to apply.

As the OIC community is composed of Independent Companions, we, unfortunately, do not accept membership requests from providers who are currently associated with or are represented by a Spa or Agency.

However, the OIC does accept membership requests from providers working with Spas/Agency if:
1.    The provider has a separate Independent persona that is not associated with or represented by a Spa or Agency
2.    These personas must remain separate, including social media, advertising sites and if/when representing yourself as a member of OIC.

Please read our Policy on Independence & Third Party Association for more information!

Yes, OIC does not discriminate based on the services provided. We accept all independent sex workers as long as they meet the membership criteria.

Unfortunately, our only exception to this rule would be to virtual/online-only service providers (i.e. cam girls, adult content creators, porn stars) as our community is geared towards supporting members who practice in-person services. This, however, does not exclude members who offer virtual/online services in addition to their in-person services.

Yes, OIC does not discriminate based on the services provided. We accept all independent sex workers as long as they meet the membership criteria. Please review our membership criteria on the About OIC page to learn more.

OIC aims to be an inclusive space and does not discriminate based on gender or orientation.

We welcome independent providers across the 2SLGBTQIA+ spectrum to review our Statement of Values & Membership Criteria if they are interested in becoming a member.

We offer a wide range of shared resources such as, but not limited to:
•    Safety Check-Ins
•    Bad Dates/Warnings List
•    Health & Safety Resources
•    Networking & Community Support
•    Sex Work Friendly Tax/Financial Resources
•    Sex Work Friendly Legal Resources
•    General Industry Knowledge
•    + More

The only “services” OIC provides include:
•    A free member profile on the OIC website linking to your website/socials/contact info
•    Engagement & ReTweets via the OIC Twitter account

We understand that private incall spaces are challenging to access in the Ottawa area. Unfortunately, OIC does not offer a dedicated shared incall space to its members.

Members searching for incalls are encouraged to share and network via the incall sharing channel in our private
Slack group. We hope this assists members in being able to network and start their own shared space or source other shared spaces in the Ottawa area.