By Ava Tarkovsky

We go through all this trouble just to find the two of us alone in a room somewhere. It is quite special, this brief intersection between the lives of random strangers. Is sex the best use of our time? I think so. It’s fun. And it’s so good to make room for fun and break out of regular life for moment.

I am an only child raised in Russia. I like the smell of night air, large windows, sativa, the moon, seasonal fruit, dripping with sweat, waves and good jokes. I believe in spending time in nature and fighting for human rights. I’m really here to ask to see a picture of your pet and also to get some solid memoir material.
Maybe my tits will cure your sadness. Maybe we’ll invent a new kink. Maybe we can invite someone to join and see if it gets awkward.
While the world can’t decide if it’s drowning or on fire, all we’ve got is each other. Let’s hold hands.

Love / Ava