Ottawa Independent Companions Policy on Independence & Third Parties


To set clear guidelines for OIC members and to remove any confusion surrounding the issue of OIC members working with or renting incall space from Spas, Clubs, Agencies or other Third Parties. 


Expectations of Current OIC Members:

  1. In order to promote and uphold the values set forth by OIC we require that all members operate under an independent persona while representing themselves as a member of OIC, and while being advertised as a member of the OIC. 
  2. If a member chooses to work under a third party, is advertised by a third party via social media and ad sites, or a third party’s website, while still a member of OIC, we require the member to create a separate sex work persona. 
  3. This separate persona must not affiliate itself with OIC, its name(s), brand, logo, website or its social media.
  4. This separate persona must not be affiliated with the provider’s independent persona. 
  5.  The provider’s independent persona must not be affiliated with or advertised by the third party. 
  6. The provider should keep both personas separate in all their marketing and advertisement in order to not create conflict or confusion. (Separate social media accounts, websites and ads) There should be no crossover between these two personas. This includes but is not limited to:
    a.) Tagging, re-posting or linking to your alternate persona from either persona.
  7. OIC members should review and abide by the OIC Media Policy 


Independent OIC Members Renting Incall Space From Third Parties: 

OIC understands and empathizes with the struggle many members face in securing safe and reliable incall spaces.

The OIC does not restrict its members from renting out incall spaces that are available from Spas or Agencies, however; members who do so under their Independent persona must abide by the following conditions to avoid any conflicts. 

  1. The independent member must not advertise their use of the third party’s incall space by name.
    Example: “Come see me a X spa tonight for incall dates.”
    Instead Use: “Incall availability tonight, please contact to book.”
  2. The independent member must not be advertised by the third party under their independent persona in any context. 


Non Independent Providers: 

For providers who are associated with or represented by a third party and have not yet transition to fully independent, the OIC has set out the following guidelines: 


  1. These providers have established or have begun to establish an independent persona before requesting to join the OIC.
  2. These providers have the intention to fully transition to independent providers before requesting to join the OIC.
  3. The OIC will not allow new members to join as independent members unless their ties to the third party have been severed. (Ie. the provider has been removed from all third party advertising/websites/social media and have adjusted their own marketing to reflect they are now working independently.)