Hi! I’m Beatrice.

Let’s be honest: I’m a prodigious catch.

“Hey, that’s easy to say,” you’ll tell me? You are right. Allow me to specify.

Beauty-wise, you’re welcome to make good use of the photos and get an eyeful as you wait for our phenomenal real-life rendezvous. In person, you’ll be consumed with every little piece of me: the way I talk, laugh and smile; how I smell, move, and touch you…

As for cognitive attraction, prepare yourself for unprecedented levels of chemistry with my way of thinking. Stating that I’m intelligent would be an understatement, as I’ve been given the clinical stamp of intellectual giftedness, but you’ll be the judge of that.

You know what else? I take pride in being hilarious, rupturing spleens every chance I get. I bet I can make you laugh until you can’t wipe the smile off your face. Although, perhaps that smile was triggered for a whole other reason…

So, yeah, I am a one-in-a-million gal.

Go ahead, confirm my words by booking a date.

P.S. I now also have an OF account.

Visiting Companion

Beatrice Thomas is based in Montreal. If she is not already touring in Ottawa, she offers Drive Me To You (DMTY) arrangements. Follow her touring announcements on Twitter or email her to plan a DMTY.


Beatrice offers hot duos with her real-life fiancée June Saint-Laurent. She can also be part of a duo with another companion, providing that you match the highest donation between theirs and hers.

Beatrice’s Consideration

When she’s not on tour, Beatrice can DMTY for an additional 150.

Contact her to inquire her DMTY policies.

See her website to check out all her donations.

Beatrice’s Tweets