Ottawa Independent Companions Media Policy


To set clear expectations & guidelines for the OIC Collective, it’s administrative volunteers and OIC members on publishing both images & written content on the OIC website, social media or online platforms.


For OIC & Administrative Volunteers:

The OIC commits itself to respecting the privacy & discretion of its members at all times. In an effort to uphold this commitment the OIC will abide by the following guidelines:


  1. The OIC will not share publicly any media to either its Twitter/X account or via the OIC website without the explicit permission of the owner(member) who this media belongs to.
  2. The OIC will immediately (or as soon as physically possible) remove or update any media content on its social media or website that is no longer approved of by the owner(member).
  3. OIC will not use its members’ media in any marketing campaigns unless explicit approval is given by the owner(member).
  4. OIC will not watermark or alter its members’ media content.


For OIC Members:

All OIC members are expected to abide by the following guidelines while representing themselves online as member of the OIC:


  1. In order to ensure trust and integrity, while also upholding the OIC Statement of Values; members must use their own images on both the OIC website & their social media accounts and advertisements to accurately represent themselves.
  2. Members with separate personas (ie. a third party affiliated persona) must endeavor to keep these personas separated on their social media accounts by not cross promoting their alternate persona.
  3. Members with an alternate persona affiliated with a third party should not share or reuse images with watermarks promoting the third party with their independent persona’s social media account.
  4. Members should be respectful of other OIC members’ privacy and never share publicly or privately any photos or videos without the explicit consent of another member.


For the Public:

In order to protect the values, integrity and reputation of OIC we have set out the following expectations and guidelines for non OIC members and the general public:


  1. OIC does not approve of the use of the OIC (Ottawa Independent Companions) brand, logo, website or name(s) in any form to be used by non members, or third parties for marketing or promotional purposes. This includes, but is not limited to:
    a.) Fraudulent Misrepresentation.
    Example: Using OIC or its brand in social media posts, tagging OIC in social media posts, ads or websites, linking to OIC in social media bios or photos, etc.
    b.) Negligent Misrepresentation.
    Example: Allowing yourself to be mistaken as a member of the OIC and not correcting the misunderstanding.
    c.) Innocent Misrepresentation.
    Example: Accidentally tagging OIC in a social media post.
  2.  Former OIC members who have either left the collective or have been removed from the collective are expected to update and remove any affiliation with the OIC its name(s), brand, logo, website links or tags/links to its social media.

* Instances of the misuse of the OIC name(s), brand, logo, or website will be dealt with on a case by case basis and may result in a formal cease and desist.