Visiting Companion

Hello I am Milla Delightfully Body, Spirit & Mind.

I am an easy-going, down to earth, beautiful companion who adores giving pleasure and making people happy. My genuine and easy smile will warm your spirit with that little demure touch.

You truly love intelligent and invigorating women. I like men with a certain life experience, gravitas and worldliness. I have a passion for food, excellent wines and cozy restaurants. I express my femininity with enjoyable and piquant conversations.

I offer you beauty, intellect, maturity and excitement to create a wonderful escape from your routine world. Be assured you will always be pampered with sweetness, smiles and a no-rush atmosphere. My Trysts range from intensely emotional pillow talk, to sweat-drenched, multi-orgasmic fuckathons.

I love and have a great pleasure performing a Role Play. Tell me your fantasy … Let’s play and have Fun!! Oh, and I certainly have an enormous pleasure in Feet Fetish! Light blindfolds & wrist bondage are also an erotic way to play for both.

Not quite sure if refined or sophisticated, certainly not luxury but I blend into any occasion perfectly and never embarrass you with off-colour comments, inappropriate conversations or distasteful attire. I dress up for our date in night or casual dresses, or in business casual, but always feminine and discreet (check my Twitter-[X]).

Experienced and skillful on Real Deep Erotic Massage, a mix of several sensual techniques is included at your discretion. Let my touch discover you without demands or expectations.

I am fluent 100% in French, English and Spanish. I sometimes! understand Italian and most of the time Portuguese. I have a university degree in engineering and a major in sound design. My favourite musical genre is Brit Prog Rock but I listen to a wide variety of styles (since madrigals and classical music, up to electronic lounge and new jazz tango). Main hobby in life is History and all the knowledge, new technologies and interpretations around it, that are giving a real headache to old interpretations of our civilization.

I recommend you to visit my website & Twitter [X] to know more about me, kindly invite you to contact me through my website’s Contact Form and to check my Calendar. I am based in Montreal, if I am not presently in your city, we can arrange a special Tryst in Ottawa from 4 hours or more.

A deposit of ~35%-50% at my discretion for new friends is mandatory via Interac or PayPal.

Always happy to meet you with a Wonderful Smile, Exciting Conversations & a Magical Touch